Ponteland in the Twentieth Century

Ponteland was a small typical Northumbrian village before the First World War.  There were farms and farmers,blacksmiths, carriers, saddlers and other trades associated with the rural economy.  Livestock of every kind abounded andtwo coaching inns were in their last days.  The population lived where they worked.  The turnpike road to Scotland was hard-surfaced and motor cars appeared.  The city of Newcastle, only 8 miles away, was an industrial hub where the workers lived in rows of terraced houses and coal-based industries produced constant smoke and dirt.  The Northern Allotment Society was founded to give people the chance to buy plots of land out of town and grow vegetables and flowers for the markets.  It was a novel idea to own land and to grow crops on it and the man who made it work was Joseph Wakinshaw.   A number of small schemes met with success  and when two farms came up for auction in 1907, the Darras Hall Farm and the Little Callerton with Callerton Moor, a total of over a 1000 acres, there was enough support for the NAS to buy both lots for short of £60 000. Careful planning went into the infrastructure of the Darras Hall Estate and the Trust Deed laid down standards still maintained today.  The Estate boundaries are fixed and houses have a minimum plot size.  Many market gardens flourished and houses were built, very few at first.  A railway came Continue reading

Hello Ponteland Green Belt Supporters

Hello supporters and welcome to our latest group of recruits.

You will find attached a copy of a document being circulated by Northumberland County Council which you should be receiving through your doors over the coming week.

The leaflet is inviting residents of Northumberland to express their views on the future development of the county across various subject areas including new housing and Green Belt at a series of workshops and drop in sessions. the feedback from these sessions will be used by the council in the formulation of the new Core Strategy for Northumberland.

This should not be seen as a blueprint for speculative developers.

You will see by the list on the second page that various locations are being used for this purpose but none in or around Ponteland.

Given the potential threat to the green belt around Ponteland by prospective developers we are concerned that it is not deemed necessary to include us in these consultations.

Does our opinion not count?

We have made representations to Northumberland County Council over this apparent oversight and have been informed that no exceptions will be made and we will not be given a session (a similar position exists with Cramlington and Prudhoe).

We will therefore be making representations at most if not all of the venues listed to make our feelings known and should you feel strongly enough about this we would invite you to do likewise.

The link below will take you straight to the NCC web site at the relevant section to register your interest in attending one of the events elsewhere and the second page of the attachment gives the contact details for the relevant department within NCC to comment on the lack of a venue for consultation in or around Ponteland itself.


Should you register for an event or contact the council in the meantime we would be very interested to hear from you as while we as a group can apply pressure and express opinions each and every individual has a right to be heard on this and once again please feel free to tell your neighbours and friends as we want people to be as informed as possible.

More soon
Ponteland Green Belt Group