Ponteland Wake up Call


Ponteland this is your ‘WAKE UP CALL’

Hands off our Greenbelt !!!!!!

Now the gloves are off and the consultation process begins.
Northumberland County Council have notified residents of the outline planning application 13/00132/OUTES click here

The appropriate advertisement has been put in place  locally and a public notice in the newspaper for the development of 280 houses at Birney Hill Farm.

You need to ACT NOW, don’t wait, or leave it to others.


Watch out for our information pack which is being delivered as you read this, over the next couple of days.

There is a quick objection letter and plenty of information for those who wish to personalise their replies. Download extra copies for everyone in the household, that includes children of any age. 

Use the envelope which has been provided, pre labelled, either post or we have two addresses: 93 Cheviot View and 17 Darras Road that will accept your envelope and will deliver them, by the deadline to County Hall, Morpeth.

Don’t think this proposed development is NOT going to affect you, it won’t matter where you live in Ponteland, it will have an adverse impact on your day to day life.
If it is concreted over, that is it-it’s gone forever! and don’t think it stops there the door will be wide open for other speculative developers to follow

Take Note this is an Outline Application for 280 houses on the Birney Hill identified site, the layout was an example of where the houses “could be built”

The Community needs to come together and respond before it is too late.

Deadline 11th March

Ponteland Greenbelt Group

News Update Birney Hill Farm Planning Application

We now can confirm that the developer Lugano have submitted an outline planning application for the development of Birney Hill Farm on the boundary of Darras Hall Estate, Ponteland.

This planning application is at present in the pre registration stage of the process of consideration by Northumberland County Council.

The planning reference number is 13/00132/OUT and any information should be available on the Northumberland County Council website and the Town Council Offices when the information is passed on in the coming week or so. Our Town Council are a consultee in the planning process and will be discussing this at the appropriate meeting and passing on their comments to the Planning Dept.

All statutory consultees eg Environment Agency, Newcastle International Airport are notified of the application and invited to make comment.

Notifications to neighbours/residents who’s boundaries but onto this area of land will be notified of this application by the County Council during the next week.

Public notices will be displayed in the surrounding area of Birney Hill Farm.

An advert next week (FRIDAY) will be placed in the Hexham Courant in the Public Notices section giving details of the 21 day period of consultation. This will allow for support, objection and comment to be lodged with the Planning Dept at the County Council.

During this period a Case Officer is identified to consider the application and prepare a recommendation.

If the County Council receives 5 or more objections the application will go to a Planning Committee for consideration.

During the coming week I will update you further.