An update and a few facts on the Police HQ site

  • Some residents close to the site have received a leaflet drop
  • According to the press this site is to be sold
  • As we know to date this area has been given outline planning approval for 150 houses.
  • Discussions have taken place between NCC planners and the agents representing the interests of the Police for a fresh outline application for approx 250 houses.
  • This site is designated as “previously developed site in the Greenbelt” this makes it a slightly different category to Greenbelt.
  • Next Tuesday at Merton Hall between 2pm-8pm residents are invited to view the proposed application.

We would like to reassure you of our ongoing campaign to protect the Greenbelt and the Ponteland Greenbelt Group will study and scrutinise the new application when it is submitted to Northumberland County Council, but we would ask you to read on:

Did you know?
This site has had several uses since it was purchased in the early 1900’s

Did you know?
The Poor Law Guardians of Newcastle upon Tyne bought 70 acres from Smallburn Farm on which they built accommodation for children from the workhouse in Newcastle. They opened in November 1903 and reached 320 children by 1913, where they were educated, trained and lived in houses with a house mother.

Did you know?
The Cottage Homes closed in 1960 and several of these houses are listed buildings along with the Superintendants house and workshops.

Did you know?
For those who are old enough to remember, it was Northumberland Teacher Training College, which accommodated over 400 students and staff. All of those buildings, including halls of residence, still exist today and have been fully utilised by their present owners.
Because this site has served a number of uses over time, this is what makes the site a “previously developed site in the Greenbelt” and we hope you find this information, put together by our group, beneficial. This is part of an ongoing situation and to learn more, we remind you of the

Community Consultation on Tuesday 18th February at Merton Hall 2pm-8pm