Update from Northumberland County Council

The following information has been received from Northumberland County Council in regard to their current position with the Core Strategy.
“As a result of the release of the 2012 sub national population projections by the Office for National Statistics the proposed publication and consultation on a full draft of the Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy will now be delayed.
This will provide us with an opportunity to fully consider the implications of the latest population projections for the proposed approach in the Core Strategy.
We are currently drafting a revised timetable for the consultation on the next version of the Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy.
We will publish details of this on our website as soon as possible and we will also notify those on our consultation database when the consultation begins”

The Current Position

Northumberland County Council has stated that they wish to build 850 houses in Ponteland. They intend to release Greenbelt land around Ponteland and Darras Hall to facilitate this.

Obviously we strongly disagree with this.
It is inappropriate and potentially damaging to our community.

Part of the rationale behind these figures is the use of population projections provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) from 2008. However, a new set of statistical data has become available from ONS dated 2012 (based on the 2011 Census) this suggests that NCC have over projected the number of required houses to meet the need in Northumberland over the next 20 years by approximately 200%!

Northumberland County Council are currently reviewing this new data but have not committed to any alterations to their plans as yet.

Clearly a discrepancy such as this, needs to be addressed urgently, before decisions are made and we lose Ponteland Greenbelt forever.

We would therefore encourage you to communicate your concerns over this issue to Northumberland County Council either:

By post: Spatial policy and Delivery Team

Northumberland County Council
County Hall
Northumberland   NE61  2EF

By email: PlanningStrategy@northumberland.gov.uk

Let Northumberland County Council know that you

  • Are aware of the publication of the ONS Population Projections 2012
  • Are aware that NCC has significantly over projected population growth over the next 20 years.
  • Inaccurate projections will result in inappropriate deletion of the Ponteland Greenbelt