Ponteland Green Belt Group continue to “Say No” to Green Belt Development at the Inquiry

Sheep grazingThe Birney Hill Appeal Inquiry will commence on the 13th January 2015 at the Falcons Rugby Club and is expected to last 3 weeks.

Ponteland Green Belt Group, as representatives of our local community, have applied and have been granted Rule 6 status in the forthcoming appeal. Rule 6 status ensures that we are considered to be a main party within this process. We are legally represented in the appeal; local residents will be involved in providing evidence to the Inspector. The final decision for the Birney Hill Appeal Inquiry will be made by the Secretary of State.

The Green Belt group was formed over 2 years ago in response to concerns from the community to any proposed large scale housing development on precious Greenbelt land; this type of development will change the special and unique characteristics of our community. We have been consistent since our formation, objecting to planning applications on Green Belt in Ponteland and the surrounding area to date.

Birney Hill Site Notice

Disappointment and concerns over the Final Draft of Northumberland Core Strategy

Ponteland Green Belt Group continues to believe that the Draft Core Strategy document is fundamentally flawed. The evidence base is simply not there to support deletion of Green Belt land in Ponteland. NCC suggests a growth of between 4 and 8% for a settlement such as Ponteland; the proposed housing numbers will deliver 16% growth, more than double their own recommendation! This is a disproportionate increase in an area with an existing population of just over 11,000.
Proposed growth has been linked to sacrificing 200 acres of Green Belt with an additional 100 acres safeguarded for future development. In real terms this would give enough greenbelt deletion for 5,000 houses and an additional population of 11,000- potential to double the existing population of Ponteland.
We have only just started the final consultation period. Ponteland Green Belt Group are in the process of a detailed review of the document and the supporting evidence provided – we will communicate concerns early in the New Year.

Please get involved-this is important to have “Your Say”

Brief Guide to consultation document

Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy: Full Draft Plan Consultation
Friday 12th December 2014 and runs until Wednesday 11th February 2015.
You can receive an automated email from NCC to notify you that the Full Draft Plan document is available for comment. The consultation document can be viewed via the link below:
Core Strategy Full Draft Plan consultation document (live from 12 December).

The Core Strategy is the County Council’s main strategic plan for Northumberland, covering the period to 2031. Last year we undertook two important consultations on Core Strategy Preferred Options.

NCC received substantial levels of feedback on both documents, and as a result undertook significant further work. The Core Strategy Full Draft Plan brings together the two previous documents, and has been updated following feedback and further evidence work.

5. Leaflet about the Core Strategy – Full Draft Plan

The Full Draft Plan:
· Sets out the spatial vision, objectives and outcomes for Northumberland;
· Describes the overall strategic approach to growth across Northumberland; and
· Proposes draft policy approaches for the economy, housing, the environment, climate change, infrastructure, minerals, waste and renewable energy.

Comments and feedback are invited on the Full Draft Plan and its supporting documents:
· Core Strategy Sustainability Appraisal Report;
· An Assessment of the Core Strategy under the Habitats Regulations;
· Some evidence base documents covering matters such as Green Belt assessment work, viability, draft update to the Strategic Housing Market Assessment, and infrastructure requirements.

All consultation documents and the evidence base are available to view on our website at www.northumberland.gov.uk/corestrategy Paper copies of the consultation documents can be found in Council planning receptions, libraries and Council Information Points and are also available for purchase. A CD containing the key documents is also available on request.
We are encouraging people to comment online via the above web address. If you have commented before, please use your existing registration details (see above). Commenting online is straightforward, once registered. We will also accept responses by e-mail to PlanningStrategy@northumberland.gov.uk, or by post.

During the consultation, we are holding a number of drop-in events around the County, which are listed at the end of this letter.

The consultation period ends on 11th February 2015 and comments should be submitted by the end of that day.
If you made comments on stage 1 and 2 of the Preferred Options documents (February and October 2013), these have been recorded, processed and responded to. This will be published online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at PlanningStrategy@northumberland.gov.uk or phone us on 0845 600 6400 if you have any questions about the forthcoming consultation arrangements or the Core Strategy planning process in general.

Ponteland Leisure Centre, Wednesday 14th Jan 1pm – 7:30pm
Ponteland Memorial Hall, Saturday 31st Jan 10am – 3pm

6. Poster about the Core Strategy – Full Draft Plan