Ponteland Green Belt Group seeks clarification from NCC

Following review of the Northumberland Core Strategy Update, Ponteland Green Belt Group have  requested  clarification from NCC on the points listed below. –
1. Clarification on the scope of the further round of consultation;
2. Clarification as to whether the Council will receive further comments upon the ‘scale’ of housing allocation for Ponteland;
3. Clarification as to whether the Council will receive further comments upon Ponteland   settlement status;
4. Clarification as to what further consultation is to take place on the ‘school issue';
5. Clarification as to whether the ‘school issue’ might impact upon the ‘scale issue’ or whether it might result in NCC seeking to bring forward alternative ‘green belt’ sites;
6. Clarification as to whether, in the case of further green belt sites being brought forward, that those proposed sites will be included within the consultation process to allow submission of  comments on green belt specific to those proposed sites.

Northumberland County Council – Core Strategy Delay!

NCC released a report on the 16th February that will be considered by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on the 23rd February and by Cabinet on the 21st March

The report highlights major failings with the Core Strategy and identifies significant areas of concern that need to be addressed before the Core Strategy can be submitted for scrutiny by a Government Inspector.

The current proposal is not fit for purpose and NCC acknowledge that major modifications are needed. Changes to proposals will necessitate further consultation.

Ponteland Green Belt Group are reviewing the Report; we have already raised initial concerns that some information included within the report is misleading.

We have attached the Core Strategy Update report for your information and would urge you to read it – many of the issues relate to Ponteland.

NCC Core Strategy update