You may already be aware that NCC have released 2 further documents for Consultation – both run from 11 November 2016 to 23 December 2016 .

NCC have previously stated that 1000 additional houses would ruin the character of Ponteland…..we are currently looking at over 3,500.  NCC continue to demonstrate a determination to ruin Ponteland.

PGBG and the majority of Ponteland residents realised more than 2 years ago that NCC are determined to ignore our views.

It is important that we all continue to respond to the Consultation documents; responses will be used as evidence that NCC have not listened to residents when the Core Strategy is finally examined by an independent Inspector.

NB – we are NOT against development. We welcome PROPORTIONATE development in Ponteland. The case for removal for vast amounts of Green Belt land around Ponteland is simply not made out.

The consultation documents are:

1. Core Strategy Pre-Submission Draft – Proposed Further Major Modification

This document includes ‘major modifications’ to the previous version of the Draft Core Strategy Document.

At  this stage we are restricted to  responding on the ‘Tests of Soundness’ that require the Core Strategy to be ‘Positively Prepared’, ‘Justified’, ‘Effective’ and consistent with national policy.

NCC have included proposals for ‘Dissington Village’ – 2000 houses on Green Belt land.

NCC have not undertaken any form of consultation with the residents of Ponteland on this significant development; we feel strongly that this is a way of introducing the proposal ‘through the back door’ of the Core Strategy.

Lugano have submitted an expression of interest to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) requesting that the ‘Dissington Village’ proposal receives Government approval. The DCLG decision is due to be announced around the 5th December – NCC have issued a statement stating that if DCLG do not approve the scheme they will push ahead with it through the Core Strategy. PGBG response will therefore be finalised following the DCLG announcement.

Group Representations

NCC are again requesting that group representations are made as a single representation – we need to include contact details of those that we are representing – we have been very successful in doing this previously. If you have already provided your details you do not need to do anything. If you have not previously authorised us to act on your behalf please email pontgreenbeltgroup@btconnect.com with your name and address authorising PGBG to represent you – please remember to include every member of your household.

2.  The South East Ponteland Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (Revised draft, November 2016).

This is a redraft of the SPD submitted earlier this year by NCC which proposed that schools and leisure be located at Dobbies roundabout.

This latest SPD support Banks Group development of 400 houses on the Clickemin wedge (situated immediately as you enter Ponteland).

This proposal is in addition to significant development at Police Headquarters, proposals at Willow Way and ‘Dissington Garden Village’.

PGBG are currently reviewing the documents and will provide residents with our proposed response – we need to respond individually to this Consultation but we will support you in doing that.

Documents can be accessed at: