Birney Hill Farm Planning Application 13/00132/OUTES

This information has been passed on by Northumberland County Council.

The site visit to Birney Hill Farm will take place on the 7th October during the late morning. County Councillors from the West Area Planning Committee accompanied by the Case Officer will attend and familiarise themselves with the site for consideration. More information on this event will follow in a few days.

The Public Meeting will take place on Wednesday 9th October at 6pm at the Ponteland High School, Dining Hall. A high turnout is expected. To help residents understand the procedure of that meeting a link to the Northumberland County Council Protocol for Public Meetings has been included. We hope you find this helpful in understanding the structure and format of the meeting.

To assist Northumberland County Council, Ponteland High School and its staff could you please indicate if you/or a number of residents are going to attend the Public Meeting. You can do this by simply leaving a message on the contact page on this website or by the supporters link. We are only interested in judging the volume of people who may attend and we assure you that personal details will not be collected.

Who will attend from the Council?
The Case Officer for this planning application, the Councillors from the West Area Planning Committee and the applicant will also be invited to be present. The proceedings will be chaired by the Chairman of that Committee and they will control the meeting.

The Case Officer has made a request through ourselves which is as follows:-
To enable the maximum to be gained by all parties at this event any advanced warning of the questions likely to be raised at the Public Meeting would allow NCC to invite the appropriate consultee to be present (eg Highway Engineers, Flood Risk Expert, Airport Planner) This would allow for a fuller answer to be given to the residents.
The Greenbelt Group have agreed to accept your questions on behalf of Northumberland County Council and pass them on to the Case Officer to arrange for a suitable answer to be given at the meeting. If you are aware now, that you wish to raise a question/s please use the Greenbelt Website contact page and leave your question.
Hope you have found this useful.

There will be other information available in a few days

Ponteland Greenbelt Group