Disappointment and concerns over the Final Draft of Northumberland Core Strategy

Ponteland Green Belt Group continues to believe that the Draft Core Strategy document is fundamentally flawed. The evidence base is simply not there to support deletion of Green Belt land in Ponteland. NCC suggests a growth of between 4 and 8% for a settlement such as Ponteland; the proposed housing numbers will deliver 16% growth, more than double their own recommendation! This is a disproportionate increase in an area with an existing population of just over 11,000.
Proposed growth has been linked to sacrificing 200 acres of Green Belt with an additional 100 acres safeguarded for future development. In real terms this would give enough greenbelt deletion for 5,000 houses and an additional population of 11,000- potential to double the existing population of Ponteland.
We have only just started the final consultation period. Ponteland Green Belt Group are in the process of a detailed review of the document and the supporting evidence provided – we will communicate concerns early in the New Year.