Guy Opperman passionately supports upgrading Ponteland High School but not at the ‘Clickemin site’!

“I have still yet to see any concrete evidence for the County Council’s proposed greenbelt deletions, including at the Clickemin site. The County Council’s latest justification, the suggestion that greenbelt deletion may be required in order to rebuild our schools, is not one I agree with. I passionately believe our schools need upgrading, anyone can see that. Just compare the condition of Ponteland’s High school to Kenton or Walbottle and it is clear our school buildings in Ponteland need investment in the future.

However there is no reason greenbelt needs to be used for rebuilding our schools. Our successful campaign for the rebuilding of Prudhoe High School will see the school built on exactly the same existing site. There is no reason why that can’t happen in Ponteland.”