October News

Although the Government has committed that protections for Greenbelt land will not be watered down, Northumberland County Council are considering whether the allocated Greenbelt area of land should be changed, that is reduced.

I believe that we as residents should remind the Local Authority that we do not accept the removal or part removal of Green Belt designation around Ponteland.

The Northumberland County Council are targeting MARCH 2013 to agree its Core Strategy Plan but between now and MARCH 2013 Developers are taking a chance to put in planning applications on our ‘GREEN BELT’

We must in this window of time oppose any such plans.
We can make a difference.

Please remember the Greenbelt can only be altered or reduced if Ponteland resident’s want it and once it is concreted over it is gone forever. If you say nothing, that will give out a clear signal that you don’t care, so doing nothing is not an option.
Let us all join together in a very loud NO.

Hands off our Greenbelt !!!!

Planning Applications have not been submitted to Northumberland County Council yet. We must wait until this happens when we have just 21 days to respond.

In the meantime get involved by contacting us using the contact form on this website, or via our Facebook page and supporting our Campaign. Join us Fund Raising and donate to show Ponteland is united in preserving our Green Belt as it is today .

Mobile: 07532157035

Alma Dunigan
Chair of Ponteland Greenbelt Group