Ponteland Community Partnership Consultation Event

21st AUGUST 2012

The consultation was divided into two sessions.

The afternoon session started at 2pm where a display had been assembled for the visiting residents of Ponteland.

The central point of the display was clearly a large map of Ponteland and the surrounding area showing quite clearly the extent of the potential development and the compounding effect of several very large housing estates on an area currently surrounded by Green Belt.

These locations :-

Clickemin Farm                       Banks                               500-550 houses

Birney Hill Farm                      Lugano                             no figures available

Dissington Estate                    Lugano                            2500acres

Strategic Housing                   Private Ownership           no figures available
and Land Assessment

Callerton areas                                                                 4250 houses

Other areas under consideration within close proximity:-

Other information
A large section was given to press cuttings from the previous weeks was assembled for residents to look through. Part of the display gave an outline of information on the Ponteland Community Partnership and its activities. There was plenty of local information provided by our Civic Society and a selection of views of our Green Belt.

Members of the Ponteland Community Partnership and the newly formed Development sub-group were on hand to answer questions regarding the potential area identified for development.

All of the questions and concerns focused around the impact of potential development of land around Ponteland centre and removal of a substantial amount of the Green Belt.

This was the first time that any one map showed the compounded affect of building ultimately around 6000 houses around Ponteland. The map showed quite clearly the possible housing sprawl moving from Newcastle towards the Airport and why it is essential that a Green Belt acts as a boundary between settlements and a natural sponge for the water table.

The evening session was exceptional well attended by residents of Ponteland who listened to a brief overview of the current situation of the effect of the Localism Bill on future planning Several questions were put to Jon Aydon, Guy Oppermans representative, at the event based on this ‘window of opportunity’ Until Northumberland County Council finalise its Local Development Framework planners were relying on policies created in 2003 by Castle Morpeth Borough Council. It is hugely important that Northumberland County Council gets the framework in place ASAP and you make clear you want the Green Belt to remain.

The responses from the residents very clearly stated that they did not agree that the Green Belt should be breached with urban sprawl and wished for this area to remain intact and use brown field sites for any future housing needs.

The residents felt they were a Tier 2 settlement, and certainly not a Tier 1 referred to in the Consultation Document Core Strategy.

Reference was also made to the withdrawal of the Town Council Local Plan.

The residents approved that the Development group while affiliated to the Partnership would become an independent entity focused on tackling over development at a strategic level with the Town Council.

A request was made to the participants of the Event if anybody wished to support the Development Group they should submit their names to the host before leaving.

Thanks were given from the floor for the opportunity given to them to raise questions and hear the views of the hosts and their guests.

Alma Dunigan
Chairman of Development Sub Group
Ponteland Community Partnership