Ponteland Green Belt Group continue to “Say No” to Green Belt Development at the Inquiry

Sheep grazingThe Birney Hill Appeal Inquiry will commence on the 13th January 2015 at the Falcons Rugby Club and is expected to last 3 weeks.

Ponteland Green Belt Group, as representatives of our local community, have applied and have been granted Rule 6 status in the forthcoming appeal. Rule 6 status ensures that we are considered to be a main party within this process. We are legally represented in the appeal; local residents will be involved in providing evidence to the Inspector. The final decision for the Birney Hill Appeal Inquiry will be made by the Secretary of State.

The Green Belt group was formed over 2 years ago in response to concerns from the community to any proposed large scale housing development on precious Greenbelt land; this type of development will change the special and unique characteristics of our community. We have been consistent since our formation, objecting to planning applications on Green Belt in Ponteland and the surrounding area to date.

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