Planning applications before Strategy Planning committee 15 March 2017

You may already be aware that all three major outline-planning applications are being considered at the Strategic Planning Committee on Wednesday 15 March.

All three applications are recommended for approval by NCC Planning Officers.

Notifications have been posted adjacent to the three sites and many residents have received notification by post.

THE INFORMATION PROVIDED WITHIN THE NOTIFICATIONS IS INCORRECT – The meeting starts at 1pm and not 2pm as stated in NCC Notification !  

 Ponteland Green Belt Group fully expect the Committee to agree the recommendation and say that ‘they are minded to grant approval’

Do not be surprised at this pre determined outcome  – ( there will no doubt be some  attempt to make it look  anything other than  a decision already made some time ago  behind closed doors )

What will happen next? The outline applications are all on Green Belt land and NCC have an obligation to refer the application, and their recommendations, to the Secretary of State  (via the National Planning Casework Unit )  for review.

Ponteland Green Belt Group, Ponteland Town Council, Ponteland Civic Society, Ponteland Community Partnership and our County Councillors have already requested that all 3 applications  are “called in” by the Secretary of State

Our proactive approach has the full support of Guy Opperman MP. Ponteland Green Belt group have had it confirmed  that the National Planning Casework Unit have the applications on their radar and are monitoring the situation.

We are hopeful that the Secretary of State will ‘call in’ the applications.  We feel very strongly that the applications, and the impact of them, should be considered cumulatively – the applications should not be considered in isolation.

Our case for seeking the Secretary of State intervention and “call in” the applications is based on the fact that it is National Planning Policy that Green belt should only be released in exceptional circumstances and in any case must be done through the Core Strategy process. The applications are therefore premature

Prior to the Strategic Planning Meeting the Committee will undertake a site visit. This is scheduled for Monday 13th March; the Committee is expected to arrive at Ponteland Leisure Centre at 2.15pm and will then visit the other 2 proposed sites (behind Cheviot View and the Dissington Estate.

Residents have been consistent in their objections to the excessive housing numbers allocated to Ponteland; we will use this as evidence when applications and NCC decisions are independently reviewed – either as part of the Core Strategy inspection or as part of the Secretary of State ‘call in process’.

What can you do?

  • Attend the site visit (2pm Monday 13th March at Ponteland Leisure Centre). 

We expect press presence and this is an opportunity to demonstrate that Ponteland  residents are consistent in their continued objection

  • Attend the Strategic Planning Committee Meeting ( Wednesday 15th March at 1pm –County Hall – Morpeth   )

Ponteland Town Council, County Councillors and some residents have registered to speak on our behalf – as residents we need to support them.

Guy Opperman MP statement on latest NCC Core Strategy

“Northumberland County Council’s local plan is now drawing to a close. It seems in Ponteland at least, our communities have not been listened to. Fundamentally I believe in the Greenbelt, and I will always be a big champion of the vital role the Greenbelt plays here in Ponteland and Darras Hall. I personally have always supported substantial development of housing at brown field sites like the old police headquarters site in Ponteland and the old hospital in Stannington. However, what I want to see is a plan which is community led, with organic growth in our individual communities. Residents are rightly concerned that Northumberland County Council’s latest plan looks to be imposing a huge growth in housing numbers, with potential for over 2000 new homes, which would increase our local population by more than a third. Fundamentally, substantial areas of the Greenbelt are still being earmarked for housing. I have still yet to see any substantive evidence to support the County Council’s case for these proposed Greenbelt deletions.”

Guy Opperman passionately supports upgrading Ponteland High School but not at the ‘Clickemin site’!

“I have still yet to see any concrete evidence for the County Council’s proposed greenbelt deletions, including at the Clickemin site. The County Council’s latest justification, the suggestion that greenbelt deletion may be required in order to rebuild our schools, is not one I agree with. I passionately believe our schools need upgrading, anyone can see that. Just compare the condition of Ponteland’s High school to Kenton or Walbottle and it is clear our school buildings in Ponteland need investment in the future.

However there is no reason greenbelt needs to be used for rebuilding our schools. Our successful campaign for the rebuilding of Prudhoe High School will see the school built on exactly the same existing site. There is no reason why that can’t happen in Ponteland.”

Birney Hill Inquiry

The Inquiry now gathers momentum with Mark Ketley NCC (Planning) being questioned by Lugano tomorrow morning.
Due to the Inspector changing the timetable, Guy Opperman MP will be giving a presentation to the Inquiry some time after lunch.
Please come and support our MP, your presence could make all the difference.
Platinum Suite, 2nd floor, West Stand, Falcons Rugby Club
Inquiry not siting on Friday this week due to a Rugby Match

Greenbelt Supporters dine out in style & raise £1,710

Greenbelt supporters held their first event that incorporated fundraising with a social theme when they experienced real fine dining “Indian Style” at Haveli’s, on the 10th July. All started with a champagne cocktail followed by a four course meal, a generous raffle and a good will message from Guy Opperman at the House of Commons.

One of the talented supporters made us a novelty prize for the raffle; it was a clock using the principle of the “Say No boards” as the dial face, which by request, was auctioned on the night instead.

Greenbelt Clock (1) (800x600)

Quotes from the committee

A huge thank you to everyone for making this possible

This event proved to be a fantastic evening, enjoyed by all, food and service unbelievable. With the generosity of Haveli’s, local businesses, donations and our supporters we raised the outstanding amount of £1,710

We may have had a secret target figure before the night-but we blew that away.

It was so nice to meet the supporters after previously communicating by email.

Ponteland Community Partnership Consultation Event

21st AUGUST 2012

The consultation was divided into two sessions.

The afternoon session started at 2pm where a display had been assembled for the visiting residents of Ponteland.

The central point of the display was clearly a large map of Ponteland and the surrounding area showing quite clearly the extent of the potential development and the compounding effect of several very large housing estates on an area currently surrounded by Green Belt. Continue reading