Fantastic turnout of Ponteland residents

Many thanks to each and everyone of you who attended today’s event at Memorial Hall. The turnout was fantastic – despite the weather. We know that more than 700 attended. The response from Ponteland residents has been consistent since commencement of the consultation in 2012.
NCC can be in no doubt that their proposals for Ponteland are wrong on so many levels. It will be interesting to see if the valid concerns raised will be listened to – we will not accept destruction of Ponteland!
Your support for Ponteland Green Belt Group is very much appreciated thank you. We will be in touch soon as we continue to prepare for the next stage.

Where does the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan fit in?

Where does the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan fit in?
Why do you need to respond to the Questionnaire in the Pont News & Views?

Question: Who are they?
A group of 10 volunteer residents of the civil parish of Ponteland, 3 Town Councillors and 2 County Councillors

Question: What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
A Neighbourhood Plan is a new instrument introduced under the Localism Act as part of a new national planning policy framework

Question: What are they trying to achieve?
The primary purpose is to prepare a draft Neighbourhood Plan which sets out the aspirations of the Ponteland community and informs Northumberland County Council of the residents’ wishes in a structured way to provide an evidence base that has the opportunity to influence the Northumberland County Councils Core Strategy.

Question: How can the Neighbourhood Plan Group influence Northumberland County Council
The group must fulfil the requirements given to them under the Localism Act, they must work on behalf of the Town Council and all decisions taken by this group must be based on sound documented evidence. Once a sound plan of local policies has been put together it will be independently examined and the community will then be engaged in a referendum.

Question: Why is it important to respond to the Pont News & Views Questionnaire?
This will provide the Neighbourhood Plan Group with the vital evidence required to put forward your opinion on the future of Ponteland.
By using the consultation process we have every chance of allowing the voice of Ponteland to speak and shape our future for generations to come.

Question: What is the purpose of the Northumberland Core Strategy consultation?
The County Council is separately preparing a new planning policy for the whole of Northumberland which is expected to come into force in 2015. This will be central to the planning and control of new developments in the county for the next 20 years. The plan is being developed incrementally and the County Council has been consulting on its proposals in stages. They are now at the last consultation before they finalise the draft plan which will be submitted to Central Government Inspectors for approval.

Question: Why should you attend the Northumberland County Council Consultation Event on the 21st November at the Memorial Hall?
Don’t forget to register to attend the 6.30-8.30pm workshop
This will give you the opportunity to ask questions on the County Council’s draft Core Strategy document and express your views on this consultation process which started on the 31st October and ends on the 2nd January 2014